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api_version: 3 # Use Pico's latest API version for themes
meta: # Register meta headers used by this theme
Logo: logo # The URL to your website's logo (value is passed to Pico's "url" Twig filter)
Tagline: tagline # Your website's tag line, shown right below your site title (supports Markdown)
Social: social # A list of social icons that will be shown in your website's footer;
# You must specify a "title", "url" and "icon" per entry
twig_config: # Twig template engine config
autoescape: html # Let Twig escape variables by default
strict_variables: false # If set to true, Twig will bail out when unset variables are being used
charset: utf-8 # The charset used by Twig templates
widescreen: false # Use more horicontal space (i.e. make the site container wider)