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# Arty
Artilery interpolator widget for playing Hell Let Loose
# Requisites
* Windows (I'm so sorry)
* Python 3
## Python libraries
* PySide2
* winput
# Install
1. Download and install [Python]( Use the following options:
- [x] PyLauncher
- [x] Add Pyhton to PATH
- [x] Install pip
2. Log out and log in to your user account to load Python binaries into your PATH variable
3. Install PySide2 in shell `pip install pyside2`
4. Install winput in shell `pip install winput`
5. Clone / download this repository
6. Double-click `arty.pyw`
# Tips
* The widget stays on top of other applications - you can have it next to the elevation indicator.
* When widget is not in focus you can use mouse wheel to increment the range input.
* Using mouse wheel inside a range input spin-box when widget is not focus increments double.
* `Ctrl+H` to hide the window bar.
* `Ctrl+Q` to close the application.