Artilery interpolator widget for playing Hell Let Loose
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Artilery interpolator widget for playing Hell Let Loose


  • Windows (I'm so sorry)
  • Python 3

Python libraries

  • PySide2
  • winput


  1. Download and install Python. Use the following options:
    • PyLauncher
    • Add Pyhton to PATH
    • Install pip
  2. Log out and log in to your user account to load Python binaries into your PATH variable
  3. Install PySide2 in shell pip install pyside2
  4. Install winput in shell pip install winput
  5. Clone / download this repository
  6. Double-click arty.pyw


  • The widget stays on top of other applications - you can have it next to the elevation indicator.
  • When widget is not in focus you can use mouse wheel to increment the range input.
  • Using mouse wheel inside a range input spin-box when widget is not focus increments double.
  • Ctrl+H to hide the window bar.
  • Ctrl+Q to close the application.