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wavey wind

OSC controlled visual (used with motion controller)

Also see https://git.kompot.si/g1smo/pifcamp-2021


  1. Install dependencies `npm i`
  2. Serial port `node server.js /dev/ttyUSB0 115200`
  3. Bluetooth `node server.js /dev/rfcomm0 115200`
  4. WiFi `node server.js` (wait for it)

older prototypes


The original animation, modularized with sliders, was first "exhibited" on october 6th 2017 in Modri kot, a beautiful space for performance that used to be on the side of the autonomous factory Rog in Ljubljana, which was evicted by force on january 19th 2021 by the municipality to pave way for future gentrification. Special thanks to Zala and Lio for hosting me during early development and Tisa Neža for curating the first performance.


  1. Pair the device (named "wavey wind")
  2. Find the MAC address
  3. Add a serial port (change MAC accordingly) `sudo rfcomm bind 0 98:CD:AC:63:78:9A`
  4. Run the server with the bluetooth address `node server.js /dev/rfcomm0`