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dotfiles for Fedora
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This repo tracks personal dotfiles and a description for setting-up a desktop environment for a "humanities" workflow on a laptop machine running Fedora.

The set-up is based on a minimal install of Fedora (installed through the Everything ISO, available at ()[https://alt.fedoraproject.org/]).

Note that a minimal install of Fedora might not initially support some laptop hardware necessary for wireless networking after booting to the installed system.

Bootstrapping the dotfiles

Install git:

$ sudo dnf --setopt=install_weak_deps=False install git

Clone this repo:

$ cd
$ git clone https://git.kompot.si/urosm/dot.git .config

Disable showing untracked files in the repo:

$ cd .config
$ git config --local status.showUntrackedFiles no

Some files need to be manually set-up.

Link [bashrc] and [bash_profile] to their correct place:

$ cd
$ rm .bashrc .bash_profile
$ ln -s /home/<user>/.config/bashrc /home/<user>/.bashrc
$ ln -s /home/<user>/.config/bash_profile /home/<user>/.bash_profile

To disable installing weak dependencies copy [dnf/dnf.conf] to it's place:

$ cd
$ sudo cp -i .config/dnf/dnf.conf /etc/dnf/

Clone (urosm/bin.git)[https://git.kompot.si/urosm/bin.git] to .local/bin:

$ cd
$ mkdir .local
$ git clone https://git.kompot.si/urosm/bin.git .local/bin

Installed packages and additional configuration are documented below.

Bootstrap the desktop environment

Enable RPM fusion repositories:

$ sudo dnf install https://mirrors.rpmfusion.org/free/fedora/rpmfusion-free-release-$(rpm -E %fedora).noarch.rpm
$ sudo dnf install https://mirrors.rpmfusion.org/nonfree/fedora/rpmfusion-nonfree-release-$(rpm -E %fedora).noarch.rpm  

Install additional packages for wireless drivers:

$ sudo dnf install @hardware-support # laptop wireless support

Install basic networking packages:

$ sudo dnf install @networkmanager-submodules # basic networking utils
$ sudo dnf install NetworkManager-tui # tui for nm

Install neovim and additional packages:

$ sudo dnf install neovim # text editor
$ sudo dnf install ripgrep fd-find # utils for telescope
$ sudo dnf install python3-pip nodejs-npm # package managers
$ sudo dnf install gcc # c compiler for treesitter

Install additional utils:

$ sudo dnf install bash-completion

Install a "desktop environment"

$ sudo dnf install sway # window manager
$ sudo dnf install swaylock swayidle # window manager extras
$ sudo dnf install foot foot-terminfo # terminal
$ sudo dnf install fuzzel # launcher, dmenu
$ sudo dnf install wl-clipboard # clipboard util
$ sudo dnf install xdg-user-dirs # user dirs util
$ sudo dnf install light wlsunset # backlight utils
$ sudo dnf install grim # screenshot util
$ sudo dnf install @multimedia # audio, codecs
$ sudo dnf install firefox # browser
$ sudo dnf install mpv # media player
$ sudo dnf install dejavu-fonts-all # font

Install packages for language support:

$ sudo dnf install langpacks-sl
$ sudo dnf install glibc-langpack-sl

Install packages for printing and scanning:

$ sudo dnf install @printing # printing group
$ sudo dnf install simple-scan # scanning gui
$ sudo dnf install ocrmypdf # ocr
$ sudo dnf install tesseract-langpack-slv tesseract-langpack-eng # tesseract data

Install pandoc and texlive:

$ sudo dnf install pandoc
$ sudo dnf install texlive

Install libreoffice packages:

$ sudo dnf install libreoffice
$ sudo dnf install libreoffice-gtk3
$ sudo dnf install libreoffice-langpack-sl

Install packages for remote desktop functionalities:

$ sudo dnf install remmina remmina-plugins-rdp # remote desktop client
$ sudo dnf install wireguard-tools # vpn
$ sudo dnf install onedrive