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a drink for the pifcamp piflars - inspired by club mate

Recipe makes 18L for carbonation and dispensing in a Cornelius keg.



  • 18.5L of Soca River Water.


  • 180g of Mate tea.


  • 500g of cane sugar.


  • A large double handful of Achillea millefolium [SLO: Rman, ENG: Yarrow]


  • 30g Citric Acid (Substitute with the juice of 12 Lemons juice and a little lemon zest if you have...)


  • Boil water for 1 hour to annihilate any potential pathogens present in river water. Extra half liter for tea absorption, splash and spillage and evaporation during boil.

  • Allow temperature to drop to 92 Celsius.

  • add Tea and Achillea millefolium - I used a large hop filter from a brew kettle, if added loose you will need a large stainless steel strainer to filter.

  • Steep for 12 minutes

  • Remove tea and yarrow.

  • Drop temperature to ~30C using a stainless steel coil immersion chiller.

  • Add citric acid or lemon juice.

  • Transfer to a sanitised 18L Cornelius keg

  • Drop temperature as low as possible (immerse and leave keg in river?)

  • Connect to a CO2 cylinder, purge air and force carbonate at 40 PSI / 3 Bar for 24 hours agitating regularly to assist CO2 absorption. If working on a smaller scale you could use a SodaStream machine to carbonate.

  • Connect to chiller / dispensing tap and serve chilled.