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Report cli

Automate generating invoices from youtrack reports and other time-tracking related functionality.


./rprt.php invoice -y -p -s

This command would send an invoice for last month created from the template file and last month report from youtrack as an email attachment.

./rprt.php report -r

Asks which report to print from the list of your reports and then prints out a table with that report.

Install/Getting started

Get .phar file from r, Run configuration wizzard (planned for version 1.0).

Before version 1.0 is released you have to navigate into /app directory and call command through .rprt.php file.


  1. You have to create a youtrack API token.
  2. You have to configure rprt-cli app.

    • Default folder that app checks for config file is in ~/.config/rprt-cli/.
  3. You have to allow less secure applications in your gmail if you are using that email provider.

Building a phar

php box: https://github.com/box-project/box

./box.phar compile


A simple Console Command that prints out monthly report from youtrack.

Simple configuration:

  • authentication token value
  • project categories
  • hourly wage
  • folder for reports



List my reports

curl 'https://drunomics.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/api/reports?$top=-1&fields=id,name,own,owner(login,name)&query=owner:+%7Bme%7D' -H "Authorization: Bearer $YTOKEN" -H 'Cache-Control: no-cache' | jq '.[] | select( .own == true )'


  • practice php
  • automatization of repetitive task

    • is it worth it? according to xkcd table - you should spend 1 day for automating a monthly task that takes 30 minutes. That would be if only I'd be using this app. If it get's picked up, by 5 others - it is worth 5 days of development.
  • remove errors from reports



Main source at symfony console command page. If you read thouroughly:

When using the Console component in a standalone project, use Application and extend the normal \PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase.


most current

  1. For version 0.6.7

    • data value objects
    • phar file
    • additional expenses
  2. For version 1.0

    • plugin system

      • for time tracking services
      • for reports
    • symfony/config & symfony/di components
  3. Time tracking service


  1. For Version 1.0

    • Track Command (track time from your cli)
    • Report Command (read reports)
    • Improve code and code style
    • .phar file for simple app shipping
  2. Version 2.0

    • Implement templateing service
    • Further code improvements
    • Configuration Wizzard
  3. Version 3.0

    • Emacs package to track directly from orgmode
    • Add tests


  1. Basic structure of the cli-app

    1. App preparation

      • nice specifications
      • composer project
      • autoloading & dependency injection
    2. Report service

      • read a local csv file
    3. Parse report

      • read configuration (project categories, hourly wage)
      • simple table output
  2. First round of enhancements

    1. Tests
    2. youtrack request
    3. create composer package, create executable
  3. Second round of enhancements

    1. Invoice output
    2. configuration wizard


API calls

Get csv file

curl 'https://drunomics.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/api/reports/83-554/export/csv?&$top=-1' -H 'Accept: application/json, text/plain, */*' -H 'Accept-Language: en-US,en;q=0.5' --compressed -H "Authorization: Bearer $TKN" > ~/Documents/Drunomics/workhours/2021/21-09.csv