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* Report cli
Automate generating invoices from youtrack reports and other time-tracking
related functionality.
** Usage ~./rprt.php invoice -y -p -s~
This command would send an invoice for last month created from the template
file and last month report from youtrack as an email attachment. ~./rprt.php report -r~
Asks which report to print from the list of your reports and then prints out
a table with that report.
** Install/Getting started
Get ~.phar~ file from r, Run configuration wizzard (planned for version 1.0).
Before version 1.0 is released you have to navigate into ~/app~ directory
and call command through ~.rprt.php~ file.
*** Requirements
1. You have to create a youtrack API token.
2. You have to configure rprt-cli app.
- Default folder that app checks for config file is in ~~/.config/rprt-cli/~.
3. You have to allow [[https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/6010255?hl=en][less secure applications]] in your gmail if you are using
that email provider.
*** Building a phar
php box: https://github.com/box-project/box ~./box.phar compile~
** Specs
A simple Console Command that prints out monthly report from youtrack.
Simple configuration:
- authentication token value
- project categories
- hourly wage
- folder for reports
** Components
- report service - provides a csv of a report
- local csv file read (provided via argument)
- youtrack api request (with [[https://docs.guzzlephp.org/en/stable/][Guzzle]] and [[https://github.com/cybercog/youtrack-rest-php][Youtrack API php client]] )
- Authentication: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/youtrack/devportal/Manage-Permanent-Token.html#obtain-permanent-token
- API documentation: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/youtrack/devportal/youtrack-rest-api.html
- parse report
- compute hours per configured project categories from report
- output a table
- Create an invoice
- send the invoice (to Wolfgang)
*** ValueObjects
*** List my reports
#+begin_example bash
curl 'https://drunomics.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/api/reports?$top=-1&fields=id,name,own,owner(login,name)&query=owner:+%7Bme%7D' -H "Authorization: Bearer $YTOKEN" -H 'Cache-Control: no-cache' | jq '.[] | select( .own == true )'
** Motivation
- practice php
- automatization of repetitive task
- is it worth it? according to xkcd table - you should spend 1 day for
automating a monthly task that takes 30 minutes. That would be if only
I'd be using this app. If it get's picked up, by 5 others - it is worth
5 days of development.
- remove errors from reports
* Development
** Testing
Main source at symfony [[https://symfony.com/doc/current/console.html#testing-commands][console command page]]. If you read thouroughly:
When using the Console component in a standalone project, use Application and
extend the normal \PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase.
** Plan
*** most current
1. For version 0.6.7
- [X] data value objects
- [X] phar file
- [X] additional expenses
2. For version 1.0
- plugin system
- for time tracking services
- for reports
- symfony/config & symfony/di components
3. Time tracking service
- youtrack-api
- jira-api
- kimai (https://www.kimai.org/documentation/timesheet.html)
*** current
1. For Version 1.0
- Track Command (track time from your cli)
- Report Command (read reports)
- Improve code and code style
- ~.phar~ file for simple app shipping
2. Version 2.0
- Implement templateing service
- Further code improvements
- Configuration Wizzard
3. Version 3.0
- Emacs package to track directly from orgmode
- Add tests
*** old
1. Basic structure of the cli-app
1. App preparation
- nice specifications
- composer project
- autoloading & dependency injection
2. Report service
- read a local csv file
3. Parse report
- read configuration (project categories, hourly wage)
- simple table output
2. First round of enhancements
1. Tests
2. youtrack request
3. create composer package, create executable
3. Second round of enhancements
1. Invoice output
2. configuration wizard
** Learning
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCqM9YnjTe0
- Choices (~new ChoiceQuestion~)
- ~addOption('config')~
** API calls
*** Get csv file ~curl 'https://drunomics.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/api/reports/83-554/export/csv?&$top=-1' -H 'Accept: application/json, text/plain, */*' -H 'Accept-Language: en-US,en;q=0.5' --compressed -H "Authorization: Bearer $TKN" > ~/Documents/Drunomics/workhours/2021/21-09.csv~