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@ -67,17 +67,6 @@ should keep markup like `**`, `>`, `[fs]`, or `{{< fsdefinition >}}`. For
hyperlinks like `[TEXT](http://link)`, please only translate the content inside
the quare brackets (TEXT), the link has to stay the same obviously.
### data/share/
In `data/share/en/`, `data/share/it/` and so on there are tiny *.yaml* files
for each share service we're offering (e.g. GNU Social or Diaspora).
There are only a few strings to translate. `titleBefore` is the text in front
of the service's name, `titleAfter` the one behind. You can fill both fields to
translate it. In English, this may be *Share on XYZ*, in German it is *Auf XYZ
teilen*. There's also `customText` sometimes where you can find instructions
how to translate it.
### i18n/
Here you can find one file for each language e.g. `en.toml` for English,