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(ns user
[figwheel-sidecar.repl-api :as f]))
;; user is a namespace that the Clojure runtime looks for and
;; loads if its available
;; You can place helper functions in here. This is great for starting
;; and stopping your webserver and other development services
;; The definitions in here will be available if you run "lein repl" or launch a
;; Clojure repl some other way
;; You have to ensure that the libraries you :require are listed in your dependencies
;; Once you start down this path
;; you will probably want to look at
;; tools.namespace
;; and Component
(defn fig-start
"This starts the figwheel server and watch based auto-compiler."
;; this call will only work are long as your :cljsbuild and
;; :figwheel configurations are at the top level of your project.clj
;; and are not spread across different lein profiles
;; otherwise you can pass a configuration into start-figwheel! manually
(defn fig-stop
"Stop the figwheel server and watch based auto-compiler."
;; if you are in an nREPL environment you will need to make sure you
;; have setup piggieback for this to work
(defn cljs-repl
"Launch a ClojureScript REPL that is connected to your build and host environment."