Use the schema to eliminate custom code (#11108)

* use the schema to eliminate custom code

* Update docs/

Co-authored-by: Ryan <>

* make flake8 happy

* bugfix

* do not overwrite make vars from json

Co-authored-by: Ryan <>
Zach White 2 years ago committed by GitHub
parent c550047ba6
commit 962bc8d9dd
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@ -25,7 +25,7 @@
"processor": {
"type": "string",
"enum": ["MK20DX128", "MK20DX256", "MKL26Z64", "STM32F042", "STM32F072", "STM32F103", "STM32F303", "STM32F401", "STM32F411", "at90usb1286", "at90usb646", "atmega16u2", "atmega328p", "atmega32a", "atmega32u2", "atmega32u4", "attiny85", "cortex-m4"]
"enum": ["MK20DX128", "MK20DX256", "MKL26Z64", "STM32F042", "STM32F072", "STM32F103", "STM32F303", "STM32F401", "STM32F411", "at90usb1286", "at90usb646", "atmega16u2", "atmega328p", "atmega32a", "atmega32u2", "atmega32u4", "attiny85", "cortex-m4", "unknown"]
"bootloader": {
"type": "string",

@ -106,6 +106,7 @@ Example:
["A7", "B1"],
[null, "B2"]

@ -4,14 +4,41 @@ Compile an info.json for a particular keyboard and pretty-print it.
import json
from jsonschema import Draft7Validator, validators
from milc import cli
from qmk.info_json_encoder import InfoJSONEncoder
from qmk.decorators import automagic_keyboard, automagic_keymap
from import info_json
from import info_json, _jsonschema
from qmk.info_json_encoder import InfoJSONEncoder
from qmk.path import is_keyboard
def pruning_validator(validator_class):
"""Extends Draft7Validator to remove properties that aren't specified in the schema.
validate_properties = validator_class.VALIDATORS["properties"]
def remove_additional_properties(validator, properties, instance, schema):
for prop in list(instance.keys()):
if prop not in properties:
del instance[prop]
for error in validate_properties(validator, properties, instance, schema):
yield error
return validators.extend(validator_class, {"properties": remove_additional_properties})
def strip_info_json(kb_info_json):
"""Remove the API-only properties from the info.json.
pruning_draft_7_validator = pruning_validator(Draft7Validator)
schema = _jsonschema('keyboard')
validator = pruning_draft_7_validator(schema).validate
return validator(kb_info_json)
@cli.argument('-kb', '--keyboard', help='Keyboard to show info for.')
@cli.argument('-km', '--keymap', help='Show the layers for a JSON keymap too.')
@cli.subcommand('Generate an info.json file for a keyboard.', hidden=False if cli.config.user.developer else True)
@ -22,7 +49,7 @@ def generate_info_json(cli):
# Determine our keyboard(s)
if not cli.config.generate_info_json.keyboard:
cli.log.error('Missing paramater: --keyboard')
cli.log.error('Missing parameter: --keyboard')
return False
@ -32,18 +59,7 @@ def generate_info_json(cli):
# Build the info.json file
kb_info_json = info_json(cli.config.generate_info_json.keyboard)
pared_down_json = {}
for key in ('manufacturer', 'maintainer', 'usb', 'keyboard_name', 'width', 'height', 'debounce', 'diode_direction', 'features', 'community_layouts', 'layout_aliases', 'matrix_pins', 'rgblight', 'url'):
if key in kb_info_json:
pared_down_json[key] = kb_info_json[key]
pared_down_json['layouts'] = {}
if 'layouts' in kb_info_json:
for layout_name, layout in kb_info_json['layouts'].items():
pared_down_json['layouts'][layout_name] = {}
pared_down_json['layouts'][layout_name]['key_count'] = layout.get('key_count', len(layout['layout']))
pared_down_json['layouts'][layout_name]['layout'] = layout['layout']
# Display the results
print(json.dumps(pared_down_json, indent=2, cls=InfoJSONEncoder))
print(json.dumps(kb_info_json, indent=2, cls=InfoJSONEncoder))

@ -54,6 +54,10 @@ def generate_layouts(cli):
if kb_info_json['layouts'][layout_name]['c_macro']:
if 'matrix' not in kb_info_json['layouts'][layout_name]['layout'][0]:
cli.log.debug('%s/%s: No matrix data!', cli.config.generate_layouts.keyboard, layout_name)
layout_keys = []
layout_matrix = [['KC_NO' for i in range(col_num)] for i in range(row_num)]

@ -37,26 +37,26 @@ def generate_rules_mk(cli):
# Bring in settings
for info_key, rule_key in info_to_rules.items():
rules_mk_lines.append(f'{rule_key} := {kb_info_json[info_key]}')
rules_mk_lines.append(f'{rule_key} ?= {kb_info_json[info_key]}')
# Find features that should be enabled
if 'features' in kb_info_json:
for feature, enabled in kb_info_json['features'].items():
if feature == 'bootmagic_lite' and enabled:
rules_mk_lines.append('BOOTMAGIC_ENABLE := lite')
rules_mk_lines.append('BOOTMAGIC_ENABLE ?= lite')
feature = feature.upper()
enabled = 'yes' if enabled else 'no'
rules_mk_lines.append(f'{feature}_ENABLE := {enabled}')
rules_mk_lines.append(f'{feature}_ENABLE ?= {enabled}')
# Set the LED driver
if 'led_matrix' in kb_info_json and 'driver' in kb_info_json['led_matrix']:
driver = kb_info_json['led_matrix']['driver']
rules_mk_lines.append(f'LED_MATRIX_DRIVER = {driver}')
rules_mk_lines.append(f'LED_MATRIX_DRIVER ?= {driver}')
# Add community layouts
if 'community_layouts' in kb_info_json:
rules_mk_lines.append(f'LAYOUTS = {" ".join(kb_info_json["community_layouts"])}')
rules_mk_lines.append(f'LAYOUTS ?= {" ".join(kb_info_json["community_layouts"])}')
# Show the results
rules_mk = '\n'.join(rules_mk_lines) + '\n'

@ -26,5 +26,5 @@ ROW_LETTERS = '0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnop'
'caps_lock': 'LED_CAPS_LOCK_PIN',
'num_lock': 'LED_NUM_LOCK_PIN',
'scrol_lock': 'LED_SCROLL_LOCK_PIN'
'scrol_lock': 'LED_SCROLL_LOCK_PIN',

@ -1,6 +1,7 @@
"""Functions that help us generate and use info.json files.
import json
from import Mapping
from glob import glob
from pathlib import Path
@ -140,6 +141,8 @@ def _json_load(json_file):
def _jsonschema(schema_name):
"""Read a jsonschema file from disk.
FIXME(skullydazed/anyone): Refactor to make this a public function.
schema_path = Path(f'data/schemas/{schema_name}.jsonschema')
@ -638,49 +641,44 @@ def unknown_processor_rules(info_data, rules):
return info_data
def deep_update(origdict, newdict):
"""Update a dictionary in place, recursing to do a deep copy.
for key, value in newdict.items():
if isinstance(value, Mapping):
origdict[key] = deep_update(origdict.get(key, {}), value)
origdict[key] = value
return origdict
def merge_info_jsons(keyboard, info_data):
"""Return a merged copy of all the info.json files for a keyboard.
for info_file in find_info_json(keyboard):
# Load and validate the JSON data
new_info_data = _json_load(info_file)
if not isinstance(new_info_data, dict):
_log_error(info_data, "Invalid file %s, root object should be a dictionary." % (str(info_file),))
new_info_data = _json_load(info_file)
except jsonschema.ValidationError as e:
json_path = '.'.join([str(p) for p in e.absolute_path])
cli.log.error('Invalid info.json data: %s: %s: %s', info_file, json_path, e.message)
cli.log.error('Not including data from file: %s', info_file)
cli.log.error('\t%s: %s', json_path, e.message)
if not isinstance(new_info_data, dict):
_log_error(info_data, "Invalid file %s, root object should be a dictionary." % (str(info_file),))
# Copy whitelisted keys into `info_data`
for key in ('debounce', 'diode_direction', 'indicators', 'keyboard_name', 'manufacturer', 'identifier', 'url', 'maintainer', 'processor', 'bootloader', 'width', 'height'):
if key in new_info_data:
info_data[key] = new_info_data[key]
# Deep merge certain keys
# FIXME(skullydazed/anyone): this should be generalized more so that we can inteligently merge more than one level deep. It would be nice if we could filter on valid keys too. That may have to wait for a future where we use openapi or something.
for key in ('features', 'layout_aliases', 'led_matrix', 'matrix_pins', 'rgblight', 'usb'):
if key in new_info_data:
if key not in info_data:
info_data[key] = {}
# Merge the layouts
if 'community_layouts' in new_info_data:
if 'community_layouts' in info_data:
for layout in new_info_data['community_layouts']:
if layout not in info_data['community_layouts']:
info_data['community_layouts'] = new_info_data['community_layouts']
# Mark the layouts as coming from json
for layout in new_info_data.get('layouts', {}).values():
layout['c_macro'] = False
if 'layouts' in new_info_data:
_merge_layouts(info_data, new_info_data)
# Update info_data with the new data
deep_update(info_data, new_info_data)
return info_data

@ -3,6 +3,8 @@
ignore =
# QMK is ok with long lines.
# Conflicts with our yapf config
per_file_ignores =