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### Add a new supporting organisation
Adding a new supporting organisation requires two steps:
Adding a new supporting organisation requires a few simple steps:
1. Add a new entry in [site/data/organisations/organisations.json]( in valid JSON format, the file should be self-explaining: *name* is the full name of the organisation, *img* is the name of the logo file (case-sensitive!), and *url* the web address of the organisation. To make sure that the file has a valid JSON syntax you can use []( or another tool before committing your changes.
2. Add the organisation's logo to the [site/static/img/organisations]( directory. Please only upload PNG files with maximum 150px width or 100px height ideally using transparency instead of white as background so we can also use it on other backgrounds some day. Consider using `pngcrush` or a similar tool to reduce the file's size and remove metadata.
3. Add further contact and background information about the organisation to [our database]( (only accessible to PMPC core team members).
### Technical information about the online build