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junos 11c64cfc1a Include all participants again. 2 months ago
junos f5688f6154 Add a rule to merge sensor and baseline features. 3 months ago
junos 50c0defca7 Select target columns (no parsing necessary). 3 months ago
junos ac86221662 [WIP] Add a rule to parse targets. 3 months ago
junos cbc8ae4e03 Add necessary checks for empty data frames. 3 months ago
junos ed298a9479 Implement the basic feature extraction steps. 3 months ago
junos 7173ca13e3 Rename a parameter. 3 months ago
junos c6144f8403 Reverse JCQ items. 3 months ago
junos 1374eda171 Flatten questionnaire ID dict. 3 months ago
junos 83a8bb6689 Add an option to disable calculation of baseline features. 3 months ago
junos ef57103bac Add questionnaire ID key. 3 months ago
junos 085a6d144b Add files to compute and create an empty script. 4 months ago
junos 2bef86b1da Add a format for ESM and add to config. 4 months ago
junos aedb8b6785 Write questionnaire data to data/interim. 4 months ago
junos 30ac8b1cd5 Start calculating demand control features. 4 months ago
junos 07da6be398 Add age, gender, and language as features. 4 months ago
junos c801f66533 Retain a single participant ID. 4 months ago
junos 16e608db74 First merge baseline datasets. 5 months ago
junos 204f6f50b0 Read the relevant files. 5 months ago
junos 685ed6a546 Set up demographic data download. 5 months ago
junos 1efb8e3112 Clean features across participants. 5 months ago
junos 2fb068cb8b Do not calculate accelerometer features. 6 months ago
junos e5cc02501f Set the timezone.csv path in config. 6 months ago
junos 15653b6e70 Add forgotten line for hashed app names in config. 6 months ago
junos 4485c4c95e Delete columns we don't have. 7 months ago
junos 633384c6a9 Use all available sensors for PHONE_YIELD. 7 months ago
junos 8e2222f307 Bring back deleted lines which are required. 7 months ago
junos 712ff74898 Set table names and calculate all relevant features. 7 months ago
junos 1f54195437 Configure timezone file to be created automatically. 7 months ago
junos 2b52f686b3 Define daily segments. 7 months ago
junos f0d29d0d1a Incorporate DB query for usernames into snakemake workflow. 7 months ago
junos da5ff0f36e Correct small errors in settings. 7 months ago
junos 39bd244511 [WIP] Prepare yaml files. 7 months ago
Meng Li 5bad3eb8b5
Data cleaning (#166) 7 months ago
Meng Li 3d34036eae
Add firststeptime and laststeptime features to FITBIT_STEPS_INTRADAY RAPIDS provider (#168) 7 months ago
junos 4829b155d5 Make config changes for minimal workflow. 7 months ago
Meng Li 7f4683e0fe
Feature/screen default maxlength (#164) 8 months ago
Meng Li a3fb718aea Refactor PHONE_LOCATIONS DORYAB provider to compute features based on location episodes 9 months ago
Meng Li a8a178486b Refactor PHONE_CALLS RAPIDS provider to compute features based on call episodes or events 10 months ago
Meng Li e1cfcd46e4 Update example workflow for app episode features 12 months ago
JulioV 065a926a87 Change own to custom categories name 1 year ago
JulioV e74c745f86 Add own categories to app foreground features 1 year ago
kirtirajk 4b8698a4c6 adding app_episode with the changes as mentioned in the comments 1 year ago
Meng Li 0d6f51be8b Refactor location features from Doryab provider & add a new strategy to infer home location & fix bugs 1 year ago
Meng Li edf71e055d Add the EXCLUDE_SLEEP module for steps intraday features 1 year ago
Nikunj Goel 5e451f99b0
Added phone keyboard features including docs/tests (#134) 1 year ago
Meng Li 809845143f Test & fix bugs of sleep intraday features 1 year ago
Meng Li 66d9a9d640 Update params & docs of sleep features 1 year ago
JulioV 1fa9481933 Rlease v1.1.0 1 year ago
JulioV 9c56422529 Add calories intraday features 1 year ago