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from flask import (
Blueprint, flash, redirect, render_template, request, session, url_for
from config import CONFIG
from create_db import Deck, Card, get_session
from deck import get_deck, probabilistic_deck_generator
from settings import get_settings
from auth import login
bp = Blueprint('menu', __name__, url_prefix='/menu')
@bp.route("/", methods=("GET", "POST"))
def index():
deck_status = []
dbsession = get_session()
if 'user_id' not in session:
return login()
if 'user_id' in session:
user_id = session['user_id']
username = session['username']
old_deck = dbsession.query(Deck).filter(Deck.completed == 0, Deck.owner_id == user_id).all()
if old_deck != []:
deck_status = "old"
if request.method == "POST":
action = request.form.get("menu", False) #internetna rešitev, nevem kako, ampak dela, tj. dobi info iz meni buttonov
if action == "new_session":
# @TODO tu bi moral preveriti če je kak unfinished deck, potem bi pisalo continiue, namesto new
old_deck = dbsession.query(Deck).filter(Deck.completed == 0, Deck.owner_id == user_id).all()
if old_deck != []:
return redirect(url_for("deck"))
#preverimo če so sploh karte v collectionu
print("userID", user_id)
c = dbsession.query(Card).filter(Card.owner_id == user_id).all()
if c == []:
print("ne najdem collectiona")
return render_template("error/no_cards_in_collection.html", username=username)
#ustvari novi vnos v Deck
user_settings = get_settings(user_id)
deck = probabilistic_deck_generator(user_id, int(user_settings['max_new']), int(user_settings['max_due']))
cards_by_id = get_deck(deck)
if cards_by_id == "":
flash("Error: Attempted to make deck with 0 cards. Maybe check settings :)")
return render_template("menu/menu.html")
number_of_cards = len(cards_by_id.split(","))
print(cards_by_id, number_of_cards)
deck = Deck(cards_by_id=cards_by_id, owner_id=user_id, number_of_cards=number_of_cards, current_card=0, completed=False)
return redirect(url_for("deck"))
elif action == "matches":
return redirect(url_for("matches.index"))
elif action == "upload":
return redirect(url_for("upload.index"))
elif action == "settings":
settings = get_settings(user_id)
return render_template("settings.html", username=username, user_id=user_id, settings=settings)
elif action == "instructions":
return render_template("instructions.html", username=username, user_id=user_id)
elif action == "about":
return render_template("about.html", username=username, user_id=user_id)
return render_template("menu/menu.html", username=username, deck_status=deck_status)