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from flask import (
Blueprint, redirect, render_template, request, session, url_for
from requests import get
from config import CONFIG
from create_db import Card, User, get_session
bp = Blueprint('matches', __name__, url_prefix='/matches')
def get_matches(user_id):
#@TODO this is buggy
dbsession = get_session()
list_of_matches = []
#in all shared cards for the ones you voted yes
all_cards = dbsession.query(Card)
all_shared_of_user_of_ir_1 = all_cards.filter(Card.share_id != "0", Card.owner_id == user_id, Card.interest_rate == "1").all()
if all_shared_of_user_of_ir_1 == []:
return list_of_matches
# see who else voted yes
for c in all_shared_of_user_of_ir_1:
others_yes = all_cards.filter(Card.share_id == c.share_id, Card.interest_rate == "1", Card.owner_id != user_id).all()
if others_yes == []:
return list_of_matches
@bp.route("/", methods=("GET", "POST"))
def index():
#@TODO its buggs, not symetrical for users, shouldnt show if only you said yes
if not 'user_id' in session:
dbsession = get_session()
user_id = session["user_id"]
username = session["username"]
list_of_matches = get_matches(user_id)
#relevant userids, but might be uselessly duplicated
user_ids = []
for match in list_of_matches:
for card in match:
users = dbsession.query(User)
names_by_ids = {}
emails_by_ids = {}
for id in user_ids:
names_by_ids[id] = users.get(id).username
emails_by_ids[id] = users.get(id).email
return render_template("matches.html", username=username, list_of_matches=list_of_matches, names_by_ids=names_by_ids, emails_by_ids=emails_by_ids, users=users)